Latex foam mattresses are a fairly new design on the market and are starting to be more popular because of there excellent quality and good levels of comfort. they are presumed to be the next popular style of mattresses available and similar to memory foam mattresses they are now more popular and widely available.
Latex foam have excellent heat reduction and breathable properties, which are more efficient then any other type of foam.
this allows the mattress to breath and keep fresh. Latex is a natural product that is very useful for mattresses, as it is hypo allergenic and anti microbial, which prevents dust mould and bacteria from setting in the mattress.


Memory foam has a unique open cell structure that reacts and responds to body heat and weight by moulding to the contours of your body, therefore optimizing the support it can give you by almost eliminating all pressure points your body is usually subjected to.
It is the most effective material for relieving pressure points and used for prevention of pressure sores and has multiple orthopaedic and other health benefits making a huge difference to your quality of sleep.


To ensure a sleep that makes you feel well rested and relaxed, this mattress is made with a gel infused foam that is the most advanced sleeping material on the market. it resists motion transfer and reduces pressure on shoulders and hips.
It’s also antimicrobial and very durable and the gel allows increased airflow, so you can stay cooler at night. With the addition of gel, you get all the benefits of traditional memory foam without the problems of heat regulation that some people experience.


Luxurious reflex mattress, ribbed carefully to work in harmony with your body.
The completely filler-free reflex, achieves the most outstanding levels of performance, shape and retention and long term durability. Its unique construction ensures excellent mattress ventilation.

Pocket Sprung Mattress:

Pocket sprung mattresses are one of the most comfortable mattresses with an effective design that provides high levels of comfort and support where it’s needed most.
they are designed to contour with your body and are constructed of numerous individual springs that move independently, giving an exceptional amount of support and cushioning.
A pocket sprung mattress uses these individual springs to respond to everyone’s individual body weight, increasing their usability and comfort.


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